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Yoga is a way of life.


Art in its initial stages is science; science in its highest form is art. ”Yoga is a “disciplinary art that develops the faculties of the body, mind, and intellect. In other words, at first, the artist must master the technique, just as the scientist who wants to master science must-see beauty in truth The [...]

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Posture & alignment class


For the most part, our Ashtanga yoga practice is a system of choreographed sequences in which each movement is linked to an inhale, or an exhale. Then we ​add to this what ​ Iyengar​ has taught us, and that is to be ​intense but focused on precision and alignment. This hybrid method is more [...]

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Namaste, Yoga is a philosophy for healthy human living. We learn, we love, and we live mindfully on and off the mat. Let’s share the path. Yoga unites our body, mind, and spirit on & helps us live in harmony with nature. We can improve health, flexibility, and strength with yoga poses. Energize and [...]

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