Yoga is a philosophy for healthy human living. We learn, we love, and we live mindfully on and off the mat. Let’s share the path.

Yoga unites our body, mind, and spirit on & helps us live in harmony with nature. We can improve health, flexibility, and strength with yoga poses. Energize and integrate mind, body, spirit & enhance self-awareness, breath-work & insights.

Nature-Inspired Yoga and Art

It is confusing to determine what we should be doing and how we should look. Health, vitality, and being in our physical body is a critical indicator. To offer a peaceful, natural environment that enhances mindful Yoga practice.  Props, Yoga-Trapeze, enhances creative thinking.  The natural world and our elements allow balance and wellbeing.

My Yoga Home-studio is a private home setting specializing in outdoor and indoor yoga environments. Classes are small for more individual attention with particular attention to avoiding injury while practicing yoga. Creative opportunity, nature exploration, and themed based levels encourage us to find our true self.

Food affects our mood, our mind, and our body. As a person ages, the importance of a sustainable approach to health and well-being becomes increasingly essential. Celebrate food, fitness, fun, and fall in love with your body.