For the most part, our Ashtanga yoga practice is a system of choreographed sequences in which each movement is linked to an inhale, or an exhale. Then we ​add to this what ​ Iyengar​ has taught us, and that is to be ​intense but focused on precision and alignment. This hybrid method is more accessible to mainstream clientele because it is fluid, but the focus is on breathing techniques, posture, and alignment. Remember, yoga is not a vehicle for self-improvement but as a route to self-acceptance. Keep in mind that when you practice yoga, you’re not practicing to improve yourself. You are perfect. The practice helps you to learn how to straighten your arms, how to lengthen your spine, etc. We do not necessarily teach how to do a pose; but how to get absorbed into what was already occurring in the present moment. This will help you to grow spiritually and emotionally as you immerse yourself in yoga and meditation.