The practice of yoga for the prevention and treatment of illnesses is known as medical yoga. This involves appropriate breathing methods, mindfulness, and meditation in addition to the physical components of yoga, which are significant and helpful for building physical strength. Yoga has been demonstrated in several studies to have therapeutic effects on the body in various areas, including regulating blood sugar levels, treating musculoskeletal problems, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It has also been demonstrated to have significant psychological advantages, as yoga may aid in boosting mental vigor and good sentiments while lowering aggressive, depressive, and anxious sensations.

Yoga helps you unwind, which promotes restful sleep. According to research, regular pre-bed yoga might help you establish the correct mood and get your body ready for sleep.

E.g., Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose Sit with your left side against a wall, move gently to your right, and pull your legs up to rest on the wall, maintaining your back on the floor and your hip bones near the wall for about three minutes.