Do not Neglect Back Pain; Even Most doctors turn their back on back pain.

Some yoga practitioners do not teach enough asanas to strengthen their back and neck muscles.  Even after practicing yoga for several years, people experience back, and neck pain, and some participants cannot sit straight for more than a few minutes without support.  Many emphasize strengthening the abdominal muscles but not so much strengthening the back muscles.  It is crucial for a seeker, as the health of one’s back, spine, and neck affects the flow of prana and the rise of kundalini energy.  Therefore, it is essential to learn asanas and other exercises for strengthening back and neck muscles and incorporate them into your daily practice.  One should learn from an experienced yoga teacher to better understand and experience, particularly in yogic practices such as pranayama and meditation.

Asanas, when done skillfully, can improve flexibility as well as strength.  Proper and advanced training of pranayama and bandhas can also improve overall health, mobility, and flexibility.